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Free Printables!

Enjoy these free images.

Save images on your PC or mobile device. Or print/make photo gifts for daily encourgement.

(For personal use only. Please do not reproduce and distribute except when sharing with friends online)

"Pretty Notebook" Worksheets - Printable Refills

Print the PDF above for worksheets that help you study and engage more fully with Scripture.

For use with our "Pretty Notebook" refillable 3-ring binder.

(If you do not have our Notebook, we invite you to go ahead and print

these free worksheets anyway, for use with your devotional time)

These pages are designed specifically for use with our devotional cards. But they can also be used to study scripture on your own. They will help you maximize your devotional time by providing a structured and organized way for you to study God's word, one passage at a time.

There are designated spaces for:

○ ~notes on reflection and application of each passage,

○ ~prayer requests and answer table,

○ ~daily writing of weekly passages for scripture memorization.

○ ~remembering someone for sharing the Good News.

Download and print as often as you need to. And yes, they are Free! Because we love you!

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