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Hello! So glad you stopped by to learn more about us.

My name is Victoria, and I am simply passionate about inspiring and encouraging women in their walk with the Lord on life's great journey.

Passages Forever was inspired by God to help you live the joyful, peaceful and abundant life that He intended for us to have and which glorifies Him. Pursuing an intimate relationship with our Creator gives us a strong start (and finish) to this end, and can be quite an adventure!

While there is no formula to our relationship with God, I believe there are basic spiritual disciplines, like bible study for example, that are foundational to this walk, and ultimately to an abundant Christian life that honors Him. For three of these in particular, I would be privileged and excited to walk with you on our journey together, providing encouragement and fellowship along the way.

Our scripture cards are designed to facilitate Reflection, Prayer, Memorization of scripture, and fulfillment of the Great Commission.

The devotional cards help with reflection - one of the keys to devotions, as it leads us to heart-felt prayer, and towards understanding and application of the passage which ultimately helps with memorization. Last but not least, reflection can keep us sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He leads us to the lost who He prepares to receive the Good News.

The matching postcards offer a gentle, encouraging and personal way to share the Good News by a simple invitation (God will do the rest).

I pray you will embrace these truths and join me on the adventure!

Much love,

Victoria Child

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