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Pretty as a Postcard, (and still in love with social media)

You might be wondering, so what's the big idea about postcards?  We get beautiful photos, inspirational quotes and cards on facebook almost daily, right?  Enjoyable yes, and convenient for sure.  I love them too, and I hope they continue to flood our cyberspace to reach millions of us with kind words and encouragement every day.  But while snail mail might not be hip today or even the most convenient for us in our over busy lives, there is still something about receiving a card or thoughtful note in your mailbox that emails and social media just can't fully compete with. It's deeply personal, it's high-touch, and it's a little nostalgic reminding us of the simple pleasures we often crave from the good old days.

It's like a gem in the stack of bills and routine stuff we usually come home to after a long day. 

In our incredible information age, digital technology makes a vast array of information easily available and highly accessible for our inquisitive minds. And that's above and beyond the sea of emails at work and at home that makes for daily required reading. We are inundated and sometimes overwhelmed with lots to read, process and digest on a daily basis. So much so that we have fallen in love with Instagram, a platform of photographs that's a welcome sight for sore eyes. Who would have thought years ago that we would love communicating with just pictures?

So one has to wonder, where in this plethora of required reading and love of social media will we carve out a special place for reading God's word on a daily basis? Maybe not so challenging for die-hard bible study fans, but what about the rest of us?

What if we devoted only minutes each day to just one passage of scripture, just one at a time?  What if we looked at God's word through pictures and digestible bites of information?  It's been said that a picture says a thousand words and it's a fact that visuals help us have better recall.  So might we absorb and memorize scripture in a new and more impactful way with something like glorified flash cards?  Cards with God's words and inspiration against a backdrop of scenic photos also offer visual appeal for weary eyes.  A real 3-D card to touch and feel, and to keep within regular view, is most desirable for the task of scripture meditation and memorization. E-versions are certainly desirable and impactful in their own right, but without the same staying power as we tend to scan them quickly and move on to the next one in an ocean of pics and quotes, often forgetting the one we left behind. And what about those who don't use social media...we need to reach them too!

The postcards by Passages Forever are created with this vision in mind.  They are designed with scripture and a photograph on the front, and an inspirational note and prayer on the back.  They can be used as personal devotionals for prayer, study and scripture memorization, and also as greeting cards, and as witnessing cards. And not to worry, you will have the convenience you are used to with social media.  We will handle the mailing for you, so you don't have to even lick a stamp, unless of course, you want to. 



Use as Devotionals 

Use these scenic postcards for your devotional time, or post them somewhere as a daily reminder of God's love for you. Use them to develop your prayer life, and as study aids to memorize scripture. Imagine if we didn't have access to a bible? Or what if in a moment of despair we could have instant recall to God's principles and promises when we need them most? Having God's word inscribed in your hearts will be true personal treasure in moments like these.

Use as Greeting Cards 

Encourage a friend (or stranger) with God's word and a message that they just might be needing to hear today...a message in their mailbox...that touches their life with a simple act of kindness.

Use as Witnessing Cards

-To share the love of Christ

We have all been there, wanting others to know the awesome good news about why we have hope, purpose, peace and joy...about life and how it was meant to be and still can be, about God and mankind and our future. We know it's not only our responsibility but also our privilege to share the love of Christ with the world. And yet, we sometimes struggle for the words, for fear of offending, of rejection, of failure to adequately communicate the Good News and simply put, "fear of blowing it". However, it's helpful to me when I remember that it's only the Holy Spirit who has the final authority and power to bring someone to Christ (John 6:44). But I also know we are to be His ambassadors (Mark 16:15). It's my prayer that these scenic postcards with Gods words of love and hope will be helpful tools in our call to the Great Commission, as you share God's incredible message of man's redemption, one passage at a time.

It's my prayer that you will make a commitment to use these cards daily, allowing

the Holy Spirit to minister to you and those your share them with, one passage at at time...


So how do you think you might use our postcards to help you in your daily walk with our Lord?

Feel free to share your thoughts

by clicking on the "comments" menu above - I would love to hear from you!

~Victoria Child


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