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Free Printable Postcards

Please do not sell or distribute these printables for commercial use. Please do not remove the passages forever website address from the images. These are being made available to you for personal use to share God's love. Download and print as many times as you wish, but for personal and non-commercial use only. 

Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God's Good News to one and all (Mark 16:15 MSG)


Have you ever felt the Great Commission to be intimidating or out of your reach? A simple postcard can help! 


God just wants a willing heart to step out in obedience. Trust Him for the big results! 

For a few ideas, keep reading for "6 Ways to Share".

On the back of each card where you will write a personal note, there is a QR code that opens the "Good News" page on this website.

Go to Gallery-Printables for additional free printable postcards

Go to Gallery-Display to see a sample of additional postcards

that we can print and mail to you

Postcard Printing Instructions

Printing Options

Print at Home:

  1. Decide on which postcards you wish to print from above or from the gallery.
  2. Obtain and insert into your printer, your choice of Single, two or four per page templates. (See printing media section this page for more details)
  3. Click on a print option for 1, 2 or 4 postcards.
  4. Print according to your printer instructions. 

These instructions should work for most home printers, if you have a fairly recent model that can handle 4x6 single postcards/photos, or 8.5x11 heavy card stock.

Print at local print shop:

  1. Decide on which postcards you wish to print from above or from the gallery.
  2. Click on a print option for 1, 2 or 4 postcards.
  3. Save the downloaded PDFs to a thumb drive.
  4. Obtain your choice of Single, two or four per page templates. (See printing media section this page for more details).
  5. Take the thumb drive and printing templates to a print shop like Office Max or Staples to have the cards printed for you.

Order pre-printed cards online:

If you prefer to have us print and mail the cards to you, you can purchase a set of cards from the Gift shop. (@.50c each)

(6 for $3; 12 for $6; 24 for $12).

Printing Media

Postcards on the Move

~   6 Ways to Share!   ~ 

First...A Note on Postage:

  • Postcard stamps cost less than a first-class stamp if mailing within the USA - currently .51 cents
  • If mailing outside the USA, postage for international first-class mail is required - currently $1.45

2) Global outreach - One of my favorites is a community of postcard enthusiasts called "Postcrossing". People from all over the world send postcards to each other through a system of randomly generated names and addresses. It is free to join. Please visit for more details. I am a member and I have sent several postcards to different countries that were very well received!


3) Jails and prisons - none of us are beyond the reach of God's grace and forgiveness. Some of us on the "outside" might even be more imprisoned than those on the "inside". Reaching out to others is often the cure for many spiritual ailments. Prisoners need hope and encouragement and a simple postcard may reach their hearts in ways you never imagined. Here are a couple sites to research about correspondence with prisoners, if you feel called to this type of ministry:

The God of Hope Pen-Pal ministry

Prison Alliance Letter Ministry


4) Nursing homes - they are probably among the most forgotten in society. Perhaps some of them haven't heard about a God who loves them and has a place prepared for them when they receive Christ as their Savior. Or perhaps they are ready to hear it again. If you feel led to this type of ministry, contact your local nursing homes and ask for details on how you can send correspondence to their residents. Or reach out to those far way: How to Start or Find Nursing Home Pen Pal Groups

5) Other organizations for you to consider as a means to reach out and touch the lives of many:

Post Pals, More Love Letters


6) Street evangelism - use as tracts to pass out anywhere you choose. Cost effective and easy to print as needed. Perfect option for individuals, small groups and churches.

Your turn! - if you have an idea on how to use our postcards to reach the world, please share in our guestbook.

Remember...we are only the God for the results...

~ Happy Postcard Trails! :)

Sharing the Good News has no limits! But here are a few ideas for inspiration on how you can use postcards to share God's love and fulfill the Great Commission. Perhaps God is calling you to one of these ministries. 


Invite a group of friends to your home to write out postcards to send across the globe, your town, or around your neighborhood!  You can even organize a virtual meeting when schedules or commutes get in the way. Enjoy some snacks and fellowship while you serve the Lord.  Remember to pray for the recipients of your postcards before mailing them!

1) Family and friends - don't underestimate the impact of receiving "happy mail" in the age of digital communication. It's so easy to lose touch with friends when we take a different path in life, and even with family members who live miles away. Send encouragement to local friends and family too. Connect with them all in a personal way, and send a message of God's love.  

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